League of Legends player unveils innovative application of Teleport ability while playing as Akali

League of Legends: New Use for Teleport Summoner Spell

Teleport is a useful tool in League of Legends. It allows players to quickly navigate the map for defensive or offensive purposes. However, one League player has discovered a unique way to use the summoner spell to escape a tricky situation. In a Reddit clip, the player demonstrated how they used Teleport to avoid certain death while playing as Akali.

In the clip, the Akali player noticed an enemy Yasuo recalling back to base. They used Shuriken Flip to mark the champion and engaged its dash, which propelled Akali towards the enemy fountain and potential doom.

During this risky glide towards the enemy Nexus, the Akali player activated Teleport to return to their own Nexus tower. Just moments before landing on the enemy pad, the spell activated and safely teleported them back to their base.

This interaction is not something that occurs often and may be difficult for players to replicate. However, if you play as Akali, it’s worth knowing that you can use Teleport to potentially survive in dire situations.

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