League of Legends player survives intense teamfight by disconnecting and swiftly retreating to base

A League of Legends Player Outplays the Enemy by Disconnecting

A player in the popular game League of Legends found themselves in a tricky situation during a teamfight. However, their internet connection unexpectedly dropped at the perfect moment, saving them.

In a recent clip that emerged online, a player controlling the character Yone experienced a disconnection right in the middle of a 2v3 teamfight.

As the Yone player was trying to catch up to the fight by running through the river, their game suddenly disconnected, causing them to unintentionally run back towards their base.

Realizing that the Yone player was avoiding the fight and running towards their base, the enemy team quickly changed their focus and began chasing after them. There was a split second where the enemy team had to decide whether to continue pursuing their original target, a low-health Hecarim player, or the Yone player directly in front of them who was aimlessly moving.

Three enemy champions, namely Renekton, Yuumi, and Master Yi, started sprinting after the Yone player towards the blue side base. Throughout the chase, the Yone player continued to intermittently reconnect and disconnect from the game.

Eventually, the Yone player’s exceptional kiting skills allowed their teammates to surround the three enemy players giving chase, resulting in their defeat. A well-executed Light Binding (Q) ability from a skilled Lux player halted the enemy’s advance, enabling the rest of Yone’s team to converge on them. Just in time, the Yone player reconnected to witness their team securing an impressive victory.

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