League of Legends player flawlessly interrupts Akshan’s attack with precisely timed Alistar Headbutt

Akshan’s Escape Foiled by Enemy Alistar in Epic Play

When playing Akshan in League of Legends, Heroic Swing (E) is one of the best tools for escaping. However, an enemy champion with crowd control can swiftly cut short this getaway. In a clip shared on Reddit, an Akshan player experienced this firsthand as their escape was interrupted by an Alistar.

In the clip, the Alistar player approached Akshan in the bottom lane. Sensing the potential danger, the Akshan player tried to grapple to safety. But with quick thinking, the Alistar player maneuvered behind Akshan, preventing them from escaping with their grappling hook.

The Alistar player then used Flash to position themselves closely behind Akshan, leaving no room for escape. They followed up with a Headbutt (W), pushing Akshan back to their original position in the lane. Activating Trample (E), the Alistar player eventually stunned Akshan, securing the kill.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Alistar player stayed in the bottom lane and took down Zyra, Akshan’s lane partner, completing a double kill.

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