League of Legends Patch 11.24: Comprehensive Notes and Updates

The 2022 preseason for League of Legends is coming to a close, but before we ring in the new year, Riot Games has some updates to share. This week, they will be rolling out changes to champions, items, runes, and dragons to keep the preseason running smoothly. In addition, Ultimate Spellbook and ARAM will receive some much-needed updates.

Champion Updates:

– Her passive ability, Headshot, will now partially reset when she targets an enemy marked by her W or E ability.
– A bug where Caitlyn could Headshot enemies while being revived has been fixed.

– The bonus damage of her W ability, Tactical Sweep, has been adjusted.
– The cooldown of her E ability, Hookshot, has been reduced.

– Changes have been made to his passive ability, Friend of the Forest, including an increase in the experience and gold rewards from Krugs.

– The distance of the waves launched by Kayle’s basic attacks now scales with her bonus attack range while she is Aflame or Exalted.

– Adjustments have been made to Skaarl’s base health and how it impacts Kled.
– His W ability, Violent Tendencies, has a reduced cooldown.

– The extra distance that Twitch’s bolts travel now scales with his bonus attack range.

– The mana cost of her R ability, Inferno Trigger, has been changed.

– Urgot’s passive ability, Echoing Flames, and his W ability, Purge, now scale with bonus attack range.

Item Updates:

Various adjustments have been made to items like Archangel’s Staff, Axiom Arc, Cosmic Drive, Crown of the Shattered Queen, Evenshroud, and Frostfire Gauntlet.

Rune Updates:

Changes have been made to Conqueror, Glacial Augment, Lethal Tempo, and Predator runes.

Dragon Updates:

Chemtech and Hextech dragons have received buffs and adjustments to their abilities and dragon souls.

Ultimate Spellbook Updates:

New summoner spells have been added for champions like Cassiopeia, Diana, Ekko, and more. Some summoner spells have been removed or renamed.

ARAM Balance Changes:

Melee and assassin champions in ARAM now deal bonus damage to certain minions and structures. Various champion buffs and nerfs have also been implemented.

Bug Fixes and Quality-of-Life Changes:

Several bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements have been made to address issues with health bars, champion abilities, and more.

Upcoming Skins and Chromas:

New skins and chromas are on their way, including Debonair and Ahri-versary skins.

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