League of Legends’ Patch 10.13 to Include a Buff for Ryze and Nerfs for Cassiopeia and Syndra

Riot Games Targeting Mid Lane Champions in Upcoming League of Legends Patch

Riot Games is focusing on the mid lane champions in the next League of Legends patch. With Worlds 2020 approaching, Riot is buffing Ryze, who currently has the highest pick rate in the mid lane at Worlds and remains a popular meta champion.

However, Ryze has seen a decline in performance this year, with a low win rate of 47.21% in the Platinum division and above. He has also been rarely picked in North America’s LCS and Europe’s LEC. To address this, Riot is introducing buffs for Ryze.

Nerfs for Cassiopeia and Syndra

In addition to the Ryze buffs, Riot is nerfing Cassiopeia and Syndra, two influential champions in League of Legends. The previous patch included minor nerfs for these champions, but it seems they were not sufficient.

Both Cassiopeia and Syndra are known for their adaptability, being able to play in multiple lanes. Cassiopeia has high win rates in various positions on the ladder, while Syndra is a contested pick in competitive play.

Details to be Announced

Riot has not yet revealed the specific changes for these champions, but they are expected to be announced later in the evening for League’s Patch 10.13.

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