League of Legends’ Concept Artist Displays Weapons in Ruined King from the Game Universe

Ruined King: Exploring the Weapons in the Game

The concept artist at Airship Syndicate, Philip Karlov, recently shared some of his weapon studies for the turn-based role-playing game, Ruined King. These studies provide players with a better understanding of the weapons available in the game.

Ruined King allows League of Legends fans and players to explore Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles. Many characters and items in the game are influenced by various territories in Runeterra. This influence can be seen in the weapons used by the playable characters in Ruined King.

Weapons of Miss Fortune and Yasuo

One of the playable characters in Ruined King is Miss Fortune, who can wield the Hextech Revolver, a famous League item originally from Piltover. Another weapon she can use is the Salt and Bone, an elegant and deadly pistol crafted in ivory, reminiscent of an expensive Demacian gun.

Yasuo, the Unforgiven from Ionia, also has multiple weapons derived from League items, such as Youmuu’s Ghostblade and the Manamune. He can also wield the Solari Scimitar, a curved blade once used by the Solari tribe on Mount Targon. Additionally, Pyke can use the Serrated Dirk, a Piltover dagger used by the Ferros Clan, or the Ferros’ Dagger.

Weapons of Illaoi and Ahri

Illaoi, another playable character in Ruined King, possesses idols with names and details inspired by various regions in Runeterra. These include the “Piltover engine” idol and the Hextech-powered idol. She also has the “Shadowtide Idol” from the Shadow Isles.

Ahri’s weapon collection features distinctive orbs that will capture the attention of League players. These include the Hextech Core, also seen in Arcane, and the Pirates’ Gift, reminiscent of a certain explosive yordle. The collection also includes the Frightful Orb, depicting a ghostly-looking poro, which can be found in League as a ward.

Customize and Conquer

Whether your favorite weapon in Ruined King is from Freljord, Piltover, or another Runeterra region, remember to level it up with appropriate enchantments. This will allow you to take down the Ruined King in style.

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