LCK Spring Split Week 7 Power Rankings: 2021

2021 LCK Spring Split: Power Rankings and Playoff Picture

As the 2021 LCK Spring Split enters its final three weeks, the focus shifts to playoff seeding. While the playoff teams are almost set, the question remains: where will they slot into the playoff bracket?

The LCK, known for giving its teams more stage time and games, makes it harder to determine the strongest team. However, it’s safe to say that little has changed since the beginning of the season.

Currently, DWG holds the top spot in the league, and the rest of the LCK is making a final push to challenge them. Here are our power rankings after seven weeks of play:

Rank Team Rank change
2) Gen.G
3) Hanwha Life
4) DRX
5) T1 +1
6) KT Rolster -1
7) Afreeca Freecs
8) Nongshim RedForce
9) Fredit BRION
10) Liiv Sandbox

Holding on for dear life: Nongshim RedForce, Fredit BRION, Liiv Sandbox

It’s highly unlikely that Nongshim RedForce, Fredit BRION, and Liiv Sandbox will make a comeback in the Spring Split playoffs. Despite upset victories last week, it’s still not enough to bring them back into the conversation.

Each of these teams will be facing a top-three squad in the next few weeks. Nongshim, in particular, has a tough schedule that could potentially eliminate them from playoff contention outright.

An enticing back-end playoff race: KT Rolster, Afreeca Freecs

Afreeca Freecs is the team to watch in the 4-9 cluster near the bottom of the LCK. They sit just one match behind KT Rolster for a share of sixth place. While they don’t play each other again this split, Afreeca’s schedule could favor them in closing the gap.

Both teams will face Nongshim and Sandbox, but KT also has tough matches against Gen.G and DWG. Keep an eye on how the schedule plays out, as Afreeca might complete a late-split run into the playoffs.

A fight for seeding: Hanwha Life, DRX, T1

Hanwha Life, DRX, and T1 are likely to clinch playoff seeds in the next few weeks. The top half of the LCK is much stronger than the bottom half, and the differences between T1 and KT Rolster are significant.

Hanwha Life has the best chance of clinching a playoff spot first. They face off against Afreeca and Sandbox this week, and they have been performing well against teams they should beat. Expect them to continue their winning streak.

One more chance: DWG KIA, Gen.G

Gen.G recently secured a spot in the playoffs alongside DWG KIA. While they are currently behind in the standings, Gen.G has the potential to overtake DWG as they have performed almost equally well in terms of game wins.

Though DWG is on a winning streak, Gen.G is the team that could potentially challenge their reign. They have a history of close matches, and Gen.G has a chance to make a move.

However, DWG remains strong with 10 straight wins and the potential to go even further. Their schedule includes high-profile matches against Gen.G, DRX, and KT Rolster. If they continue their winning streak, there’s no doubt they’ll secure a spot in the playoffs.

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