Sponsors Spotlight: NSoft Overcomes Compliance Challenges and Capitalizes on Gaming Experience

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Sponsors Spotlight: NSoft “Crashes” Compliance Challenges and Cashes on Gaming Experience

Organizer HIPTHER is excited to introduce the companies and people behind the upcoming Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. These conference sponsors, including NSoft, are joining the event to share insights, network, and collaborate with industry professionals. Get to know NSoft and meet them at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit on March 26-27!

Zlatan Omerspahić, Head of Legal and Compliance at NSoft, will be a Speaker at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. He will offer valuable insights at the panel about “Compliance Challenges and Opportunities in the Balkan Gambling Industry”.

An Interview with Zlatan Omerspahić

Hello Zlatan, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Can you tell us about yourself and your role at NSoft? What excites you most about being a part of the iGaming industry?

Zlatan Omerspahić is the Head of Legal and Compliance at NSoft, a leading technology company in the gaming and betting industry. He ensures that the company’s products and services exceed legal and compliance standards. Zlatan is excited about the dynamic and innovative nature of the iGaming industry, which constantly evolves with new technologies and regulatory challenges.

How NSoft Ensures Compliance in the iGaming Industry

NSoft stays ahead of the curve in compliance by proactively monitoring regulatory changes. They design their solutions to be compliant not only at the time of deployment but also in the long term. NSoft invests in technology and people to integrate compliance seamlessly into their software solutions. They also prioritize responsible gaming by developing features that promote safe gambling practices.

NSoft’s Approach to Land-Based and Online Gambling

NSoft successfully navigates the differences between regulatory frameworks for land-based and online gambling through modular software design, continuous compliance monitoring, integrated compliance features, and local partnerships. This approach ensures their solutions comply with local regulations and provide a seamless experience for operators and customers.

Introducing “Crash Cash” for Brick-and-Mortar Betting Shops

NSoft introduces “Crash Cash,” a new game designed to bring excitement to brick-and-mortar betting shops. Participants predict when the crash will occur, adding an interactive element to the gameplay. NSoft showcased “Crash Cash” at ICE London 2024 through a prize contest that allowed participants to experience the game firsthand.

Key Discussion Points at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit

Zlatan Omerspahić and the panel will discuss diverse regulatory environments, emerging trends in regulation, technology’s role in compliance, cross-border challenges, and opportunities for growth in the Balkan gambling industry. The panel will also share case studies highlighting successful strategies for navigating the compliance landscape.

Advice for Betting Operators on Selecting Game Providers

Zlatan Omerspahić advises betting operators to conduct rigorous due diligence when selecting game providers. They should ensure alignment with regulatory requirements, commitment to responsible gaming, adherence to technical standards and certifications, transparent communication, and a balance of compliance and engaging content. Considering local market preferences is also important.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Zlatan and the NSoft team at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. Get your tickets now!

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