Last chance for NA teams as Chinese squads surpass foreigners at DAC

The Chinese teams at the Dota 2 Asia Championships had a successful second day of the tournament. LGD Gaming and Vici Gaming both performed well in front of the hometown crowd. LGD Gaming defeated Evil Geniuses in two games, while Vici Gaming did the same against TNC Pro Team in three games.

In the first series, Evil Geniuses had a lead in net worth of more than 5,000 gold in the second map. However, LGD Gaming turned the tide in their favor with two teamfights, leading to the end of Evil Geniuses’ upper bracket run.

Vici Gaming had a tougher time against TNC Pro Team. TNC’s aggressive playstyle allowed them to take control in the first game, but Vici Gaming quickly struck back in the second game. The third game was a close match, with both teams using Divine Rapiers. Unfortunately for TNC, their strategy didn’t work as planned and Vici Gaming was able to outlast them.

Team Liquid also had a strong performance, defeating Virtus Pro in a thrilling series. Mineski also had a dominant showing against OpTic Gaming, using a unique strategy focused on five-man death pushes.

The lower bracket matches will begin later tonight, with Evil Geniuses and Virtus Pro facing off at 9pm CT.

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