KT Rolster finishes first in the LCK Summer Split regular season

KT Rolster Secures First Place in LCK Regular Season

KT Rolster has made history by claiming first place in the LCK regular season. In their latest match against MVP, KT emerged victorious and secured their spot in the playoffs.

The victory was crucial for KT as they needed a 2-0 win in order to secure first place and advance straight to the finals. On the other hand, MVP was fighting to avoid relegation and had a lot at stake in the match.

If MVP had won today’s match, they would have moved ahead of Jin Air Green Wings and narrowly avoided the promotion tournament.

Although KT’s performance in the match was dominant, it wasn’t without flaws. In game one, KT’s aggressive early game strategy backfired when they lost three members during an invade into MVP’s jungle.

This mistake gave MVP control of the map and an opportunity to take the lead. They capitalized on this chance by securing kills and towers.

However, KT’s talent and resilience allowed them to stage a comeback. Despite being one man down, they emerged victorious in a major teamfight, which ultimately led to their victory in the game.

In game two, KT completely outclassed MVP in all aspects, from laning to teamfighting. Unlike their first match, which was closely contested, game two ended swiftly with KT claiming a decisive victory and solidifying their top spot.

As KT prepares for the finals with a month-long break, they will focus on addressing their weaknesses, particularly their hyper-aggressive style showcased in game one. They know that teams like KINGZONE DragonX and Gen.G will not offer the same opportunities for a comeback.

The LCK regular season has come to an end, and the playoffs will begin on Aug. 12 with a match between Gen.G and Afreeca Freecs.

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