Kevin “Purge” Godec Educates Day9 on Dota 2 and Prepares to Educate Everyone

For years, Kevin “Purge” Godec’s guide, “Welcome to Dota, You suck,” has been a go-to resource for new Dota 2 players looking to understand the complexities of the game. Now, Purge is expanding on his success with a new YouTube series called Learn Dota, which aims to educate both new and experienced players about the basics of the game. To make this series possible, Purge has turned to Patreon for support.

Purge recently spoke with Dot Esports about his new series, his collaboration with Sean “Day9” Plott, and his decision to launch a Patreon. In the interview, Purge explains that he wanted to create the series without resorting to subscriber and donation pop-ups that can disrupt the content. By turning to Patreon, Purge can cover the expenses of creating high-quality content and provide even better educational materials for his viewers.

Purge also discusses the financial viability of his previous content and the decision to launch the Patreon now. He explains that while YouTube ad revenue has decreased, his revenue streams remain the same, including Twitch subs, working events, and sponsorships. With the addition of an editor for the Day9 show, creating higher-level content has become more time-consuming but also more rewarding.

The collaboration with Day9 came about when Day9 approached Purge with the idea for the series. Day9 chose Dota 2 because he enjoys the game and believes it has deep and valuable information to offer. As for the balance of collaboration between the two, Purge explains that while they had initial ideas, he ultimately had control over the content and writing of the episodes.

Purge reflects on the experience of teaching Day9 and how it has impacted the Learn Dota series. He mentions that watching the Day9 show has provided him with insights on what could have been covered more in the episodes and how certain topics could have been better explained. He plans to use these insights to improve the Learn Dota series and create content that is more focused and relevant.

When asked about partnering with sites or esports organizations, Purge reveals that he wants to keep his content accessible and free, without putting it behind a paywall. He appreciates the support of his fans through Patreon, as it allows him to cover the costs of creating content and promise better content in the future.

Regarding the future of the series, Purge mentions that they plan to do around 15 episodes, but beyond that, he hasn’t thought too far ahead. He suggests that there are many possibilities for future content, such as covering specific hours in Dota 2 and providing guidance for different stages of gameplay.

Overall, Purge’s Learn Dota series is an exciting venture that aims to educate and empower Dota 2 players. With the support of Patreon, Purge can continue to create high-quality content and help players improve their skills in the game.

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