Keria’s outstanding Bard play propels DragonX to win over T1

DragonX Defeats T1 in Epic Showdown

Seventeen-year-old Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, a support player for DragonX, led his team to victory today against T1 in a thrilling match. With a 2-1 series win, DragonX has taken an early lead in Korea’s LCK Summer Split.

Determined to prioritize map control over skirmishes, DRX focused on reaching Soul point. However, the fate of the series ultimately came down to the last game.

T1 entered the matchup as clear favorites during the pick and ban phase. They adopted a calculated strategy, banking on Canna’s top lane Kayle. In contrast, DRX went with a mixed composition, drafting Lee Sin, Ziggs, and Bard. Despite the unconventional picks, it turned out to be a winning move for DRX.

Although T1 gained an early-game lead with their slow and methodical approach, Keria quickly turned the tables. With confidence oozing through his every move, he used his Cosmic Binding to create opportunities that DRX capitalized on.

T1 attempted to drag the game out as long as possible, playing to their win condition. However, their cautiousness played into DRX’s hands as they outmaneuvered their opponents and secured the win by pushing the Nexus.

In the end, T1’s indecisiveness proved to be the deciding factor in the series.

Today’s best-of-three match does not bode well for Korea’s chances at this year’s Worlds. While there is still room for improvement in the LCK, failure to adapt and stick to old strategies will lead to their downfall. A slow and cautious approach simply won’t cut it against the aggressive playstyles of China’s LPL or Europe’s LEC.

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