Jiizuke, Tactical, and PowerofEvil dominate LCS leaderboards in kills after week one

The 2020 LCS Summer Split: Early Standouts in Kills

The 2020 LCS Summer Split is off to an exciting start in the world of pro League of Legends. After the first week of play, we are already seeing some familiar players rise to the top of the kill leaderboard, along with a few new faces making their mark.

Jiizuke, the mid laner for Evil Geniuses, had a standout performance this past weekend. He racked up an impressive 14 kills in his team’s matches against 100 Thieves and CLG. Not only does he lead the league in kills, but he also has eight assists and only one death.

However, Jiizuke may not be at the top when it comes to damage. That honor goes to Edward “Tactical” Ra, the rookie AD carry for Team Liquid. Despite being a newcomer, Tactical has the second-highest number of kills in the LCS with 12. He also leads the league in average damage to champions per minute, with an impressive 751, and has the second-highest damage percentage.

Tactical joined Liquid’s starting roster after the team’s disappointing ninth-place finish in the Spring Split. He replaced Doublelift, one of the team’s star players, who left to re-join TSM.

PowerOfEvil, the star mid laner for FlyQuest, also had a strong performance in his first weekend of the summer split. He secured 10 kills, despite his team falling short against Cloud9 in their first match. However, they bounced back with a great performance against Immortals the next day.

PowerOfEvil had an impressive performance in the spring split and will be looking to replicate his success to help FlyQuest reach the LCS finals for the second split in a row.

Upcoming Matches

The 2020 LCS Spring Split will continue on Friday, June 19 with a match between Golden Guardians and CLG at 8pm CT.

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