Jiizuke announces his absence from competitive play for the 2022 Spring Split

Jiizuke Announces He Won’t Be Playing on a Competitive League of Legends Team in 2022

European mid laner Jiizuke has made the decision to not join a competitive League of Legends team at the start of next year, he announced today.

The 25-year-old veteran recently played for Evil Geniuses, a team he joined in late 2019. Although he spent two years in North America, he was unable to win an LCS championship during that time. The closest he came was a third-place finish with the team in the 2020 Spring Split playoffs.

Jiizuke will still be actively seeking opportunities to compete on stage. In the meantime, he plans to stream from Europe and Korea to continue improving his skills, in case a team decides to sign him as a potential replacement in the coming spring or summer split.

Jiizuke’s charming sense of humor and flashy playstyle have won the hearts of fans across both Europe and North America. However, after Evil Geniuses failed to make a deep playoff run, he was replaced by rookie mid laner Jojopyun this offseason. Jojopyun, a 17-year-old North American talent, has been highly regarded within Evil Geniuses’ development system and will have the opportunity to shine in 2022. This means Jiizuke must now find a new organization to call home.

Jiizuke also commented on how the offseason has been chaotic for mid lane players worldwide. Talented players such as Jensen and Nisqy, for example, are currently teamless after being replaced on their previous teams. This just goes to show how unpredictable the past two months have been for players seeking new rosters and contracts.

As the year progresses, keep an eye out for Jiizuke’s name to potentially surface when teams look to make roster changes if they are not performing well.

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