Is it worth upgrading Bennett to C6 in Genshin Impact?

Should You Upgrade Bennett to C6 in Genshin Impact?

Bennett is a popular character in Genshin Impact, and many players are wondering whether it’s worth upgrading him to C6. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Bennett at his maximum constellation level.

Pros of Upgrading Bennett to C6

1. Increased Base HP: Upgrading Bennett to C6 significantly increases his base HP. This makes him much sturdier and enables him to survive longer in battles.
2. Extra Attack Buff: At C6, Bennett’s Elemental Burst ability provides an additional 20% attack buff to all characters in the party. This is a substantial boost that can greatly enhance your team’s overall damage output.
3. Cooldown Reduction: With C6, Bennett’s Elemental Skill cooldown is reduced by 80%. This means you can use his healing abilities more frequently, ensuring continuous support for your team.

Cons of Upgrading Bennett to C6

1. Difficult to Obtain: Bennett’s constellations can only be obtained through the game’s gacha system, which relies on luck. Getting multiple copies of Bennett to reach C6 can be very challenging and require significant resources.
2. Requires Full Investment: Upgrading Bennett to C6 requires a substantial investment of resources, including mora, character experience materials, and constellation materials. Make sure you are willing to commit these resources before pursuing C6.

In conclusion, upgrading Bennett to C6 grants significant benefits such as increased base HP, extra attack buff, and reduced cooldowns. However, acquiring multiple copies of Bennett through the gacha system and the required investment of resources are important factors to consider. Evaluate your priorities and resources carefully before deciding whether to upgrade Bennett to C6 in Genshin Impact.

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