Is it possible to hide the HUD in Palworld?

Can You Hide the HUD in Palworld?

If you’re a fan of Palworld, you might be wondering if there’s an option to hide the HUD (Heads-Up Display) while playing the game. The answer is yes, you can hide the HUD in Palworld to get a more immersive gaming experience.

How to Hide the HUD in Palworld?

To hide the HUD in Palworld, simply press the dedicated HUD toggle button. This button is specifically designed to turn the HUD on and off, allowing you to switch between having the HUD displayed or hidden.

Why Would You Want to Hide the HUD?

There can be multiple reasons why you may want to hide the HUD in Palworld. Firstly, hiding the HUD can provide you with a cleaner and clutter-free screen, allowing you to fully appreciate the game’s graphics. Additionally, hiding the HUD can make for a more challenging gameplay experience, as it removes the visual aids and forces you to rely solely on your instincts and awareness.


In conclusion, Palworld offers the option to hide the HUD, giving players the choice to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you want a more immersive visual experience or seek a greater challenge, hiding the HUD can be a valuable feature in Palworld. So go ahead, toggle that button and enjoy Palworld with or without the HUD!

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