Invitations revealed for the Kiev Major

The First Dota 2 Valve Major of 2017: Invitations and Qualifiers

The first set of teams for the upcoming Dota 2 Valve Major have been announced. The event is scheduled to take place from April 20-27 and will feature eight invited teams.

Valve has chosen to invite the following teams: OG, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Wings Gaming, Ad Finem, Digital Chaos, Newbee, and VG.J. These teams have proven their skill and talent in previous competitions.

The invitations were revealed in a unique way, through the Kiev Major’s Battle Pass. This in-game commodity, available for purchase on the Steam store, not only allows users to make predictions on the tournament’s outcome, but also offers various in-game challenges and rewards.

While the majority of teams participating in the tournament are from the Western region, three teams from China have received direct invitations. These teams include International 6 champions Wings Gaming, Newbee, and VG.J.

Among these Chinese teams, VG.J has emerged as a strong contender in 2017. They have demonstrated impressive performances against domestic competition, including a second-place finish at the StarLadder i-League Season 3 finals on Feb. 26.

In addition to the eight invited teams, there will be additional qualifiers to determine eight more teams for the Kiev Major. These qualifiers will be held from March 6-10 and consist of five regional sets. One team from each of the North American, South American, European, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) qualifiers will advance, while two teams will advance from the Chinese and South East Asian qualifiers.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Dota 2 Valve Major as the event draws near.

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