Invitations for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Qualifiers Released

The Next Dota 2 Pro Circuit Event: StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor

As the DreamLeague Season 11 qualifiers come to an end, numerous teams are now seeking alternative paths to enter the Major. The StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor is the next event on the Dota Pro Circuit calendar, and its closed qualifiers will commence in a few days. Following the filling of the 15 spots in the Stockholm Major, the next round of tournament qualifiers has just been announced.

Second Chance for DreamLeague Qualifier Teams

Teams that competed in the DreamLeague qualifiers for the Major but fell short of making it to the cut have already received invites. These teams now have a second chance at life as they compete in another set of qualifiers.

Regional Qualifiers and Representatives

The qualifiers for each region will vary in the number of teams competing. China and CIS will have multiple representatives, while North America, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia will only have one team each.

Confirmed Invites and Competition

Vici Gaming, Team Aster, and Royal Never Give Up are the confirmed direct invites for the Chinese qualifier. Despite being one of the largest regions, China will only feature four teams in the qualifier. The CIS region will host Gambit Esports, The Pango, Old But Gold, and Pavaga Gaming, with the final two spots going to the highest-placing teams in the open qualifiers. Europe will have OG, Vega Squadron, and Kaban competing for three of the six spots available. North America and South America will each have four teams vying for one spot. SEA invited BOOM ID and Lotac, and teams like TNC Predator and Tigers will try to secure a place in the open qualifier.

Most of the qualifiers will take place on February 9th and 10th, with the StarLadder Minor set to begin on March 7th and conclude on the 10th.

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