Inero, Former Echo Fox coach, Joins Golden Guardians as Consultant

Former Echo Fox Coach Joins Golden Guardians Mid-Season

Nick “Inero” Smith, the former coach of Echo Fox, has joined Golden Guardians in the middle of the North American LCS Summer Split, as announced by the team in a tweet earlier today.

Changes in Coaching Staff

The team also revealed in the same tweet that the current coaching staff will be stepping back, with Daniel “Mango” Morissette taking charge of the on-stage picks and bans.

Golden Guardians’ Decision to Bring in Inero

This news comes as a surprise after Golden Guardians’ esports head, Hunter Leigh, stated in June that the team would be sticking with coach Tyler Perron for the Summer Split. However, the team’s recent struggles have led to the decision of bringing in someone like Inero, who previously coached Echo Fox, known for their aggressive playstyle. It is hoped that Inero’s expertise will help the team translate their early-game aggression into wins.

Inero’s Role with Golden Guardians

Although Inero’s specific role with Golden Guardians as a consultant has not been clarified, it is likely that he will provide assistance with the team’s strategies. Whether or not he will continue with the organization after the conclusion of the split remains unknown.

Golden Guardians will face Cloud9 this Saturday at 5pm CT.

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