Impressive Irelia Pentakill by T1 Zeus

T1’s Zeus Achieves Impressive Pentakill on Irelia

During the offseason, the focus of the League of Legends community shifts towards transfers. However, professional players are busy adapting to the current meta and even pulling off impressive plays.

T1’s Zeus, one of the best young top laners from the Korean scene, recently achieved an outstanding pentakill on Irelia. This further solidifies his skill and talent in the game.

Zeus’ Epic Play Unleashes Chaos

The clip begins with Zeus’ opponents winning a skirmish in the mid-lane. However, they all remain on low health. Irelia, already teleporting to a nearby control ward, joins the teamfight and chaos ensues.

The opponent team realizes Zeus’ position and attempts to eliminate him before he poses a threat. Unfortunately for them, despite his health dropping to a critical level due to Lee Sin’s Dragon’s Rage (R), Zeus survives. The 17-year-old then begins to eliminate his enemies.

Zeus Takes Down His Enemies One by One

Zeus’ first target is the low-health Samira, an easy champion to eliminate with his Bladesurge (Q) ability. This ability becomes crucial for his survival as it allows him to quickly close the gap to his enemies. Additionally, Bladesurge’s cooldown refreshes upon killing someone, providing Zeus with health regeneration.

After taking down Samira, Zeus sets his sights on Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, and Rell. With his high attack speed and abilities off cooldown, he easily dispatches them within five seconds.

To complete his pentakill, Zeus chases down a fleeing Sylas. Irelia’s speed proves to be far superior, sending the opponent back to the fountain in a matter of seconds.

Zeus: A Top Laner to Watch

Zeus is currently aiming to become the starting top laner for T1 in the upcoming 2022 season. With this remarkable clip showcasing his skills, he has the potential to become a formidable player in the LCK.

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