Impressive Day 4 of MDL showcased by China

Mars Dota 2 League: Day Four Overview

The fourth day of the Mars Dota 2 League (MDL) is coming to an end, and only three teams remain in contention for the largest prize in Dota 2 until The International 7 next month. Newbee, LGD.Forever Young, and LGD are the remaining teams. As we approach the final day of games, we have a better understanding of team rankings and the emerging metagame of version 7.06e.

China Dominates MDL

With the elimination of Evil Geniuses and OG, the top three teams at MDL are all Chinese. Historically, Chinese Dota 2 teams have had an advantage over Western teams due to their superior infrastructure. However, the balance of power has shifted in recent years, with the West holding a slight edge in the 2016-2017 season. MDL challenges this narrative as Chinese Dota 2 teams are in excellent shape and the competition among them is fierce. This poses a problem for unprepared teams at The International 7 in Seattle, Washington next month.

Evil Geniuses’ Performance

Evil Geniuses suffered a close loss to OG and were eliminated from MDL. This marks their worst tournament finish in months. Some argue that Evil Geniuses did not take MDL as seriously as they should have, using the tournament as an opportunity to experiment with unconventional strategies. Despite facing elimination, they refused to scale back their quirky drafting. For example, in game two against OG, Evil Geniuses drafted a bizarre lineup featuring Zeus, Lich, Clinkz, Elder Titan, and Faceless Void. Although they lost to OG, Evil Geniuses seemed satisfied with their performance.

The Dominant Meta

Teamfight-oriented heroes have become the focal point of the MDL metagame. Heroes with long cooldown ultimates, such as Tidehunter, Phoenix, Death Prophet, and Faceless Void, are currently in fashion. The most popular strategies at MDL revolve around synchronizing these major ultimates to create timing windows for teamfights. Consequently, supports who can synergize with these ultimates or contribute greatly in teamfights are back in style. Heroes like Visage, who has made a resurgence at MDL, and Earthshaker, who is the most picked hero of the tournament, play important roles in five-on-five fights. If this metagame carries over to The International, fans should expect an intense version of Dota 2.

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