Immortals seeks a Dota 2 team

North America’s Top Esports Organization Set to Enter Dota 2

One of North America’s leading esports organizations, Immortals, is gearing up to make its mark in the world of Dota 2.

In a recent video released on Sept. 7, Immortals CEO Noah Whinston expressed his thoughts on the game and its tournament landscape. Whinston explains that the upcoming tournament season in Dota 2 has provided the necessary stability for the Immortals brand to start searching for a Dota 2 team. This sentiment was previously shared by Whinston in an interview with Dot Esports on July 13.

Valve, the company behind Dota 2, has made significant changes to the tournament structure for the 2017 to 2018 season. In the past, there were three major events, including The International and two Valve Majors, which were not scheduled at the start of each new season. However, Valve has already announced the dates and locations for the 22 events that will be part of the upcoming competition, providing a more streamlined structure.

Despite the limited number of available free agents in the western scene, Whinston emphasizes that his priority is to build a long-term Dota 2 roster that is deeply connected to the game’s community. Immortals aims to establish a strong bond between its players and the community through various initiatives like player Q&A sessions and raffles.

Immortals has quickly risen to become one of the most successful esports organizations in North America. Their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team reached the PGL Kraków Major grand finals on July 30, and their League of Legends squad challenged TSM in the North American League Championship finals on Aug. 7.

With their sights set on Dota 2, Immortals is ready to make its mark in the game and continue building a successful esports legacy.

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