IG secures comeback victory against EDG to maintain first place in the LPL

IG Proves their Skills Against EDG in LPL Cross-Conference Play

In the latest match of the LPL cross-conference play, IG faced a tough challenge against EDG. Despite being finalists in the Spring Split, EDG struggled to keep up with IG’s strong counterattacks.

IG Makes a Comeback

EDG took an early lead by capitalizing on IG’s style of lane control. But IG fought back by winning a chaotic teamfight, turning the tide of the game in their favor. With their tanky bot lane duo of Swain and Shen, IG secured the Baron and gained the advantage.

Elder Dragon Decides the Game

The rest of the match was defined by intense fights over the Elder Dragon. In the end, EDG secured the last Elder Dragon and used it to secure victory. EDG’s team coordination and Meiko’s perfect initiation on IG’s jungler were crucial in their success.

JackeyLove Shines as IG Dominates

In the draft, IG prioritized picking a marksman for their star ADC, JackeyLove. Despite an early gank attempt by EDG, JackeyLove’s aggressive playstyle paid off as IG gained kills and crucial objectives. IG’s map pressure allowed them to quickly secure a win in just over 26 minutes.

Despite their victory, IG still has more challenges ahead in cross-conference play. Their next match against Rogue Warriors will determine who truly reigns supreme in the LPL.

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