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The Meaning of “Jungle Diff” League of Legends Play: The Ultimate Spellbook Game Clips Highlights

If you’ve ever played League of Legends, you’ve probably heard the phrase “jungle diff.” This expression was recently showcased in a clip from a Reddit user, Soumyadeep3. The clip features an Ultimate Spellbook game packed with exciting twists and turns.

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The clip opens with an injured Akshan player farming under their tier-one tower in the mid lane. Suddenly, the enemy Volibear appears and starts chasing the Rogue Sentinel. With only a few points left in their health bar, the Akshan player desperately runs towards their base, even utilizing the Lee Sin ultimate granted by the game mode.

Volibear relentlessly pursues his prey but becomes too greedy. He finds himself sandwiched between the two enemy towers in the mid lane. His ultimate ability, Stormbringer, which provides temporary bonus health, narrowly saves him from the focused damage of the towers.

Akshan, still low on health, manages to stay safe under their towers. Meanwhile, the enemy Volibear retreats into the bot side of the jungle to escape the turret’s firepower. Although he’s out of the outer turret’s range, he remains in the Rogue Sentinel’s line of sight. The Rogue Sentinel takes aim and prepares to unleash his ultimate ability, Comeuppance, to bring down his opponent.

At this point, all hope seems lost for Volibear. However, his jungler, Xin Zhao, unexpectedly comes to his aid. Xin Zhao steps in front and takes all of Akshan’s bullets, shielding his teammate from a potentially fatal blow. Then, in a surprising turn of events, Xin Zhao uses his second ultimate ability obtained through the game mode. He aims Caitlyn’s ultimate ability, Ace in the Hole, at the low-health Akshan.

The Rogue Sentinel is recalling under his tower when he spots the telltale red laser from Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole. Simultaneously, Akshan’s jungler, Viego, walks up the mid lane from the base, unwittingly passing by his teammate. Just as Xin Zhao fires the shot, taking down the Rogue Sentinel, Viego continues on his way. In less than five seconds, we witness a nonchalant jungler walking away while his teammate falls victim to the attack, and a devoted jungler saving one of their teammates.

The clip concludes with an unfortunate outcome for the Akshan player. They almost executed a fantastic bait and switch on Volibear. However, as Volibear himself says, “you cannot kill a storm.”

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The YouTube ID of the video is invalid.

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