IceFrog and Valve experiment with bi-weekly Dota 2 patch cycle for half a year

Dota 2 to Implement Bi-Weekly Balance Updates

The lead developer of Dota 2, IceFrog, has announced a change in the game’s patch schedule. Instead of big updates after long periods of time, Dota 2 will now receive smaller, more frequent balance updates on a bi-weekly basis.

This new approach aims to keep the metagame fresh and constantly evolving. Every other Thursday, players can expect tweaks and adjustments to the game’s mechanics and heroes.

After a six-month trial period, the development team will assess the success of this new system and decide if it will be the way forward for Dota 2’s future updates.

In addition to the faster balance updates, Valve will be introducing a new feature to the Dota 2 client. This feature will automatically notify players of any changes to heroes in their matches, ensuring that everyone stays up to date with the latest adjustments.

While this change may disrupt professional tournaments, as teams will have to adapt to new patches in the middle of competition, it also offers opportunities for strategic adjustments and unexpected surprises.

The release date for the first bi-weekly patch has not yet been announced by IceFrog.

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