How to Summon a Pal to Your Base in Palworld

How to Summon a Pal to Your Base in Palworld

In Palworld, players have the ability to summon Pals to their bases. These Pals can provide assistance and support in various ways. In this article, we will explain the process of summoning a Pal to your base.

Step 1: Capture a Pal

The first step in summoning a Pal to your base is capturing one. Pals can be found in the wild roaming around the game world. You will need to use a capturing device, such as a Pal Ball, to catch a Pal. Aim the device at the Pal and press the capture button to attempt to catch it. Be mindful of the Pal’s strength and health, as weakened Pals are easier to capture.

Step 2: Assign the Pal to Your Base

Once you have successfully captured a Pal, you need to assign it to your base. This will establish a connection between you and the Pal, allowing you to summon it whenever needed. To assign a Pal to your base, access the Pal management menu and select the desired Pal. Choose the “Assign to Base” option to link the Pal with your base.

Step 3: Summoning a Pal

Now that you have assigned a Pal to your base, it’s time to summon it. Open the Pal management menu and select the Pal you want to summon. Choose the “Summon” option, and the Pal will be teleported to your base. Keep in mind that there may be a cooldown period between each summon, so use this ability wisely.

Step 4: Utilize Your Summoned Pal

Once the Pal is summoned to your base, you can start utilizing its abilities. Pals can assist you in various tasks, such as gathering resources, defending your base, or even helping you in battles. Make sure to communicate with your Pal and give it clear instructions on what you need it to do.

By following these steps, you can successfully summon a Pal to your base in Palworld. Explore the game world, capture various Pals, and create a powerful team to aid you on your adventures. Enjoy the benefits of having a loyal Pal by your side!

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