How to Silence Players in League of Legends?

How to Deal with Toxic Chat in League of Legends

Welcome back, League of Legends players! Today, we’re going to discuss an important aspect of the game: the culture of chat. In this article, we’ll explore how to manage and handle toxic players in the League of Legends match.

The Importance of Chat in League of Legends

League of Legends offers an in-game chat option that allows players to communicate with their team members and even the enemy team during the match. This chat feature is beneficial for strategizing and coordinating attacks to defeat the enemy team. It also helps in coordinating objectives like Dragon or Baron and deciding on team fights.

The Dark Side of Chat: Dealing with Toxicity

Unfortunately, where there’s the ability to communicate, there’s also the potential for abusive behavior. Harassment through chat has become a prevalent issue in multiplayer games, including League of Legends. Some players use chat as a platform for insults and spreading negativity among their teammates.

However, Riot Games has implemented a system to combat toxicity. They have developed a report system that allows players to easily report toxic players, resulting in punishments such as temporary or permanent bans on their accounts.

Muting Toxic Players

To deal with toxic players, you can utilize the muting option in League of Legends. Muting players prevents you from seeing their messages and allows you to focus on the game without distractions.

Here’s how to mute players in League of Legends:

  1. If you want to mute everyone in the game, you can use the command “//mute all” or “//fullmute”. However, keep in mind that this may hinder your gameplay as you won’t receive important game-related messages.
  2. You can also mute individual players before the game starts by typing “/mute” followed by the player’s name. This can be done during the champion selection phase.
  3. During the match, you’ll see a smiley-face icon and a bubble icon. Clicking on the bubble icon will stop all incoming messages, while clicking on the smiley-face icon will block emotes and pings from other players.
  4. If you decide to unmute a player, you can do so by clicking on the smiley-face and bubble icons again. Alternatively, you can use the command “/mute” followed by the player’s name to unmute them.

Ignoring Toxic Players

In extreme cases where you never want to interact with a toxic player again, you can use the “/ignore” command. This command allows you to ignore a player entirely, blocking their messages and ensuring you won’t be matched with them in the future.

Remember, League of Legends is meant to be a fun and positive experience. Don’t tolerate toxic behavior and utilize the mute and ignore options to maintain a peaceful gaming environment. Good luck and have fun!


Toxicity can be a common issue in League of Legends, but with these tips, you can effectively manage and handle toxic players. Remember to use the mute and ignore options, as well as report players who engage in toxic behavior. League of Legends should be a place of fun and positivity, so don’t let toxic players ruin your experience. Enjoy your matches and may victory be yours!

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