How to master the supportive-style Nocturne mid lane played by FPX DoinB

FPX’s DoinB Embraces Supportive Nocturne Mid Lane

FPX’s mid laner, DoinB, is known for his innovative strategies. After winning the League of Legends World Championship in 2019 with unconventional tank picks, he continues to bring creative drafts to the LPL. One of his recent picks is Nocturne in the mid lane, a champion more commonly played in the jungle. Despite being unpopular as a laner, Nocturne’s ability to create space on the map makes him a situational power pick.

In solo queue, Nocturne has a high win rate of 52.64 percent, according to Although his pick rate is low, he is one of the highest win rate mid laners in Platinum and above worldwide. DoinB showcased a more supportive style of Nocturne in a recent game against Rare Atom and led his team to victory.

Runes and Build for Supportive Nocturne

DoinB opted for the Conqueror rune for this Nocturne game, which is less commonly used but has a higher win rate. The Precision tree was further enhanced with Legend: Alacrity to augment Conqueror’s utility. These choices provide Nocturne with sustain and attack speed, allowing him to play fairly self-sufficiently in lane.

For the build path, Nocturne benefits greatly from Ironspike Whip, which helps with wave clear. Despite receiving nerfs, it is still a core item for Nocturne. In terms of Mythic items, Duskblade of Draktharr is popular for its one-shot potential, but DoinB focused more on setting up teamfight combos with Stridebreaker, which synergizes perfectly with Nocturne’s kit.

Playing Supportive Nocturne

When playing the supportive style of Nocturne, it’s crucial to have high-damage carries in the jungle and bottom lane to back up engages. Champions like Karthus serve as perfect partners for Nocturne. Hard-engage supports like Rell and Galio are ideal for diving into the backline alongside Nocturne. Coordination and teamwork are key to success with this pick.

Low-mobility burst mages like Lux and Syndra are good matchups for Nocturne, as they struggle to escape his all-in potential. However, Nocturne struggles against champions like Anivia, Vladimir, and Neeko who have tools to counter his surprise attacks. While playing Nocturne mid may be unconventional, synergy with teammates and effective communication can make it a dominant pick.

In conclusion, DoinB’s supportive Nocturne in the mid lane brings a fresh strategy to competitive play. With the right team composition and coordination, Nocturne can be a formidable force on the Rift.

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