How to Discover and Capture Frostallion in Palworld

How to Find and Catch Frostallion in Palworld

Palworld is an exciting game that merges the worlds of Pokemon and open-world survival. One of the most sought-after creatures in Palworld is the Frostallion. In this guide, we will show you how to locate and capture this majestic beast.

1. Explore Palworld

To find a Frostallion, you’ll need to venture out into the vast landscape of Palworld. Explore different regions, including forests, mountains, and grasslands. Keep an eye out for any signs of Frostallion activity, such as footprints or disturbed terrain.

2. Use a Tracker

Equipping a tracker will significantly aid you in your search for Frostallion. Trackers emit a pulsing signal that becomes stronger as you get closer to your target. Make sure to equip the tracker and pay attention to its signals to increase your chances of finding a Frostallion.

3. Befriend the Frostallion

Once you locate a Frostallion, it’s time to establish a connection. Approach the creature slowly and cautiously. Offer it some food or a friendly gesture to gain its trust. Remember, patience is key when attempting to befriend a Frostallion.

4. Capture the Frostallion

To capture a Frostallion, you’ll need a Palball. Palballs are specially designed devices that allow trainers to store and transport their creatures. Throw the Palball at the Frostallion, aiming with precision. If successful, the Palball will engulf the Frostallion, capturing it inside.


By exploring, utilizing a tracker, befriending, and capturing, you can successfully find and catch a Frostallion in Palworld. With your new companion, embark on thrilling adventures, create powerful strategies, and become a master in this captivating game. Happy hunting!

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