HappyHour Invests in Cashier Solution Fluid

HappyHour.io Invests in Cashier Solution, Fluid

HappyHour.io, an investor in iGaming startups, has made a strategic investment in Fluid, a cutting-edge digital wallet and cashier solution. Fluid’s innovative payment technology seamlessly integrates with operator websites and provides personalized user experiences through the use of artificial intelligence. This investment from HappyHour will accelerate Fluid’s growth and revolutionize digital payments, starting with the iGaming sector.

Using the power of AI, Fluid is fully prepared for the future of iGaming. They not only create customized user experiences but also deploy anti-fraud mechanisms for their clients. These mechanisms actively detect and prevent suspicious activities, ensuring secure transactions for both operators and users.

CEO of Fluid, Roberto Rubio, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that HappyHour’s investment has been instrumental in driving innovation and growth. The industry knowledge, support, and strategic guidance provided by HappyHour have empowered Fluid to redefine the digital transaction space in the gaming industry.

Robin Reed, Managing Partner at HappyHour, echoed Rubio’s sentiments and emphasized that Fluid is set to raise the bar for digital wallet and cashier solutions. Their focus on user-centric experiences, efficiency, and security will set new benchmarks in the industry.

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