Hail to Riot, Quinn nerf is coming

Quinn’s Dominance in League of Legends Meta

Quinn has become the dominant force in the current League of Legends meta, thanks to the new Stormrazor item and recent nerfs to other marksmen in the game.

According to League stats site Champion.gg, Quinn is performing exceptionally well in the top, jungle, and bot lanes. Our prediction last week that Riot would implement a nerf on the PBE has come true, and the nerf is expected to go live with Patch 8.15 next week.

Impact of the Nerf

The nerf focuses on areas where Quinn needs to be addressed. Her base armor is being reduced from 32 to 28, and her passive damage is also being toned down. By targeting her armor, Riot is allowing other laners to punish her when she tries to harass them. This maintains her identity as a bursty assassin-like marksman.

If this nerf doesn’t have the desired impact, Riot may introduce further nerfs in the future. However, we believe that the reduction in her reliable damage, combined with the armor nerf, will be sufficient.

Countering Quinn

This nerf will make it easier for AD top laners, junglers, and other marksmen in the bot lane to counter Quinn. This is particularly important as marksmen are slowly returning to the bot lane meta, at least in solo queue. Therefore, Quinn may face challenges in the near future.

The nerf is expected to be implemented with Patch 8.15 next Wednesday.

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