Hai and Moon propel FlyQuest forward

FlyQuest Dominates CLG in LCS Series

FlyQuest, a team fresh out of the Challenger Series, continued their incredible run in the League Championships Series (LCS) by defeating CLG in a dominating series.

The Rise of Second-Year Jungler, Moon

One of the key factors contributing to FlyQuest’s success has been the stellar performance of their second-year jungler, Moon. After struggling to find his place in previous teams, Moon has quickly turned his career around with FlyQuest. His early aggression and synergy with the team have been instrumental in their victories.

FlyQuest’s Superior Shot Calling and Communication

In both games against CLG, FlyQuest showcased their superior shot calling and communication. They consistently outmaneuvered CLG in team fights and brought more members to crucial engagements. Moon’s fearlessness in diving into fights and his impact in team fights have been exceptional. Additionally, FlyQuest’s side lanes held their own against their more renowned opponents.

FlyQuest Surpasses Expectations

At the beginning of the split, FlyQuest was expected to be a middle-of-the-pack team. However, they have exceeded all expectations by consistently performing at a high level. Their coordination and synergy as a team have been key to their success.

As the split progresses, other teams may catch up to FlyQuest’s level of communication and challenge their dominance. But with each day that FlyQuest finishes at the top of the league, their chances of winning the LCS crown increase.

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