Guild Esports Signs Bad News Eagles Roster to Enter CS2

Guild Esports Unveils New Counter-Strike Roster: Bad News Eagles

Guild Esports has introduced its latest addition to the world of Counter-Strike esports with the announcement of its new team, the Bad News Eagles. This talented roster consisting of Genc ‘gxx-’ Kolgeci, Flatron ‘juanflatroo’ Halimi, Sener ‘SENER1’ Mahuti, Dionis ‘sinnopsyy’ Budeci, and Rigon ‘rigoN’ Gashi has already made waves by becoming the first-ever team from the Albanian-Kosovar region to reach a Major qualifier in 2022. Since then, they have participated in three Counter-Strike Majors, earning prize winnings of $96,000 in 2023 alone.

A Team of Experts and a Journey of Success

The Guild Eagles team will be joined by a highly-respected backroom staff in the Counter-Strike community. The team’s head coach, Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg, is a multi-Major winner both as a coach and a player. Kevin ‘Krystal’ Amend will serve as the assistant coach, with Kieran ‘KayJay’ Playfair as the analyst. James ‘BanKs’ Banks will join Guild as a consultant to support the organization as the team’s manager.

Since their competitive debut in 2020, this roster has experienced a remarkable trajectory. From their humble beginnings in Kosovan net cafes to competing on an international stage such as Paris’ Hall de la Pinède, they have gained a dedicated following of over 112,000 on Twitter, 297,000 on Twitch, and 137,000 on Instagram. Their journey showcases a true success story in modern Counter-Strike.

Supporting Success with Ground+Air

Guild Esports has partnered with Ground+Air, a performance and wellbeing consultancy, to support the team’s ascension in Counter-Strike and the upcoming launch of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). Ground+Air will deliver a specialist coaching and education program called the ‘Elite Performance Program,’ designed to enhance in-game performance along with out-of-game wellbeing. With experience in sectors such as elite professional football, motor racing, entertainment, banking, and technology, Ground+Air will provide a tailored state-of-the-art program for Guild Esports’ CS2 roster.

The program will consist of a blend of one-to-one coaching and team development workshops led by performance experts from various fields. Guild Esports plans to deploy this program to both established and developmental teams under their banner.

Guild Esports’ CEO and Head Coach on the Collaboration

Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports, expressed enthusiasm for increasing their presence in Counter-Strike and supporting the Bad News Eagles roster in CS2 through the partnership with Ground+Air. Jonatan “Devilwalk” Lundberg, the team’s head coach, expressed excitement about representing Guild and the level of support they can provide to help the roster reach their peak potential.

With a strong roster, experienced coaching staff, and the backing of Ground+Air, Guild Esports is well-equipped to excel in the world of Counter-Strike.

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