Guide and locations of The Path of the Sun minigame in Genshin Impact

Guide and Locations of the Path of the Sun Minigame in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, the popular open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, offers a variety of engaging activities for players to enjoy. One such activity is the Path of the Sun minigame. In this guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information and the locations where you can find this exciting minigame.

The Path of the Sun minigame is a puzzle game that requires players to rotate and align mirrors in order to reflect sunlight onto specific targets. By doing so, players can solve intricate puzzles and earn valuable rewards. This minigame can be found at various locations throughout the game world, adding an element of surprise and exploration for players.

To start the Path of the Sun minigame, players must first locate its starting point. The starting points are scattered across the game world and can be found in areas such as Wangshu Inn, near Stone Gate, or near the floating islands of the Guyun Stone Forest. By interacting with the starting point, players will initiate the minigame and be transported to the puzzle area.

Once inside the puzzle area, players will be faced with a series of mirrors that need to be adjusted and aligned correctly. The goal is to direct the beam of sunlight from the starting point towards the end target, activating mechanisms and unlocking new areas in the process. This requires careful observation and strategic thinking to overcome the increasingly challenging puzzles.

As players progress through the minigame, they will encounter different types of mirrors with various functionalities. Some mirrors can rotate, allowing players to adjust the angle of the reflected light. Others may split the light beam into multiple directions, creating complex puzzle solutions. By experimenting with different mirror placements and rotations, players can find the optimal solution for each puzzle.

Successfully completing the Path of the Sun minigame will reward players with valuable treasures and resources, including Primogems and enhancement materials. These rewards can aid players in their journey and provide a sense of accomplishment for their puzzle-solving skills.

In conclusion, the Path of the Sun minigame in Genshin Impact offers players an exciting and rewarding puzzle-solving experience. By locating the starting points scattered throughout the game world, players can embark on this engaging activity and earn valuable rewards. So, grab your mirrors and get ready to unlock the mysteries of the Path of the Sun!

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