Golden Guardians unveils complete coaching staff for 2022 LCS with Stixxay as full-time coach

Golden Guardians Announces Full Coaching Staff for 2022 LCS Season

The Golden Guardians have made significant changes to their roster for the upcoming 2022 LCS season. Today, the team unveiled their complete coaching staff, which includes assistant coaches for every position on the Rift.

Stixxay Transitions from Player to Coach

One notable addition to the coaching staff is former Golden Guardians bottom laner, Stixxay. In the 2022 season, Stixxay will serve as the team’s positional coach for the AD carry role. As a six-year LCS veteran, he will work closely with the team’s two bottom laners, Lost (former TSM starter) and Violet (former PEACE ADC), both of whom were signed earlier in the offseason.

The Complete Coaching Staff

The rest of the coaching staff includes Brandon “Swip3rr” Holland (Top), Samuel “Spookz” Broadley (Jungle), Aaron “Chuchuz” Bland (Mid), and Morgan “Hustlin” Granberg (Support). Nicholas “Inero” Smith will continue in his role as the team’s head coach, entering his fourth full season with the Golden Guardians.

Academy-Level Lineup

Earlier this week, the Golden Guardians also announced their Academy-level lineup. Former LCS jungler Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham will lead the team’s Academy as the head coach in 2022.

The Golden Guardians’ new lineup and coaching staff will make their debut in the 2022 LCS season during the annual Lock-in tournament, which begins on January 14th.

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