Gigabyte Marines Secure Victory Over Team WE, Leading to Five-way Tie for Second Place

There is a five-way tie for second place at MSI following Gigabyte Marines’ victory over Team WE.

GAM, WE, Flash Wolves, TSM, and G2 Esports now have to compete for the top four spots. These top four teams will move on to the knockout stage. Let’s take a look at how GAM managed to defeat WE, who were previously in second place.

GAM completely outplayed WE from the start. They secured a double kill in a bot lane fight, caught WE’s Condie in the jungle, and finished it off with a tower dive. GAM dominated the entire game and WE couldn’t do much to stop them.

After that, GAM continued to build their lead by securing kills, towers, and dragons. Stark from GAM played exceptionally well with his Gragas, constantly making plays and picks. In the final fight at Baron, he managed to zone out Condi and help his team secure the Baron and win the game.

GAM’s performance in this game was impressive. They have been inconsistent in earlier matches during MSI, but they were able to defeat WE. As we approach the end of the group stage, all teams need to give their best to secure a top four position.

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