Gen.G’s CuVee secures a solo kill with one hand, all while on a call

Solo Kills Made Easy: CuVee Shows How

Gen.G’s CuVee demonstrated the ease of picking up solo kills, even when not fully focused on the game. In a recent stream, CuVee, playing as Kayle, secured an early game solo kill against his Poppy opponent.

As seen in the clip, CuVee received a phone call mid-game. Despite the distraction, he quickly clicked his abilities in succession, preparing for a level two skirmish. When Poppy engaged him, CuVee turned the tables by clicking his Corrupting Potion to regenerate health and prolong his life.

During the intense fight, Poppy nearly took him down. However, CuVee’s quick click on the Biscuit allowed him to survive and ultimately defeat his opponent. Although he came close to death, the health regeneration effect of the Corrupting Potion played a vital role in his victory.

Following this impressive kill, CuVee returned to base and teleported back to lane with a significant gold advantage, all while casually continuing his conversation on the phone.

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