Players of Palworld can now register as an official bug tester

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Join the Palworld Testing Program and Help Shape the Future

The Palworld community is eagerly anticipating the next big update, and Pocketpair, the game’s developer, is inviting fans to participate in bug testing and provide feedback on new content.

Since its early access launch on Jan. 19, Palworld has gained massive popularity. However, players who have exhausted all available content are anxiously waiting for new updates. While there is no official announcement yet on when new Pals, PvP modes, and other additions mentioned in the Palworld roadmap will be released, Pocketpair is taking proactive steps to involve the community in the development process.

Introducing the Palworld Testing program, Pocketpair is seeking enthusiastic fans who are genuinely interested in bug hunting and testing. They are looking for individuals who are dedicated to providing valuable feedback and improving the game. This opportunity offers players a chance to shape and influence the future of Palworld.

To apply for the Palworld Testing program, you need to meet certain requirements. The testing branch is currently limited to the Steam version, and applicants’ PCs must meet the specified criteria. The application form also asks about your experience playing Palworld and any prior bug testing experience. It is likely that the studio will prioritize applicants who are already familiar with testing games and have a deep understanding of Palworld’s mechanics.

It is worth noting that Pocketpair explicitly mentions that the testing branch is not intended for free play or experiencing new content early. This invitation is specifically for those who are passionate about bug hunting and making Palworld the best it can be.

While some fans might be enticed to participate regardless, it is important to mention that Pocketpair has not mentioned any financial compensation for successful applicants at this time. It raises concerns about unpaid labor, which has generated controversies for other studios in the past. However, it is essential to wait for an official statement from Pocketpair to clarify this matter.

In Palworld, players are accustomed to putting Pals to work and treating them like unpaid employees while they build items and gather resources. However, this does not justify real-life unpaid labor. Many fans believe that even if they are not official employees, their hard work and contribution should be fairly compensated.

We have reached out to Pocketpair for comment, and we will update this article accordingly should we receive a response. As the Palworld community eagerly awaits new updates, the opportunity to be a part of the Palworld Testing program presents an exciting chance to shape the game’s future and contribute to its success. Join the program today and make your voice heard!

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