Gaming Innovation Group Takes the Lead in Casino Affiliation with KaFe Rocks Acquisition

Gaming Innovation Group to Acquire Affiliate Leader KaFe Rocks

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) Incorporated has signed an agreement to acquire affiliate leader KaFe Rocks Limited. This acquisition will solidify GiG Media’s position as the dominant lead generator in the online casino market and expand its presence in the valuable North American market. GiG Media has experienced significant growth in recent years, and this strategic purchase will further accelerate that growth.

Expanding Market Presence

KaFe Rocks is a prominent iGaming affiliate with a global portfolio in over 15 markets. GiG Media’s acquisition of KaFe Rocks will enhance its position in the United States market, with brands like and has shown impressive revenue growth in the last year, and this upward trend is expected to continue.

Leveraging Technology and Data

Following the successful acquisition of AskGamblers, GiG Media plans to leverage its proprietary media and marketing technology to drive growth for the acquired KaFe Rocks assets. The focus on data and business intelligence will further enhance profitability for the acquired business, with solid cost synergies underlying the deal.

Future Growth and Diversification

The acquisition of KaFe Rocks is expected to generate a minimum revenue of MEUR 23 in 2024, with an increasing EBITDA margin. In addition to revenue and profitability growth, this acquisition will diversify GiG Media’s business, reducing overall risk. The investment will accelerate GiG Media revenues, projected to reach between MEUR 125 to MEUR 135 for 2024.

In summary, GiG Media’s acquisition of KaFe Rocks positions them as a leading casino affiliate in the industry and expands their presence in the North American market. The strategic acquisition will drive growth through technology and data-driven strategies, as well as diversify the company’s portfolio. GiG Media is excited to work with the talented KaFe Rocks team and expects great success from this partnership.

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