fy joins LGD Gaming’s Dota 2 roster

LGD Gaming Adds FY to Their Roster, But in a Different Position

The Chinese shuffle continues as LGD Gaming makes their move by adding Xu “fy” Linsen to their team. Fy, known for his exceptional Rubick play, is a renowned Chinese support player. However, in an interesting twist, he will be playing in the offlane position for LGD, replacing former player Ren “eLeVeN” Yangwei. This new challenge for fy brings excitement and curiosity about how he will perform.

A New Chapter for fy

This signing marks fy’s departure from ViCi Gaming, where he spent six years of his career. After starting with VG in 2012 and rejoining their main team in December 2016, fy briefly played for ViCi Gaming Reborn. Notably, his biggest achievement under ViCi Gaming was a second place finish at The International 4, where they lost to Newbee in the grand finals. With his move to LGD, fy enters a new chapter in his professional gaming journey.

Joining the Strong LGD Squad

Fy will be joining the LGD squad for The International 7, which includes Wang “Ame” Chunyu, Lu “Maybe” Yao, Yao “Yao” Zhengzheng, and Chen “Victoria” Guanhong. This lineup achieved a third place finish at TI7 and was considered one of the strongest teams at the event. With fy now part of their roster, LGD has the potential to maintain their dominance in the upcoming Dota season.

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