Full AD Kayle – The Definitive Build Guide (Season 12)

Kayle can be built as an AD champion and played like an ADC. Her ranged nature and spells that slow enemies and deal AoE damage make her a late-game powerhouse. Here’s a detailed guide on AD Kayle’s build, runes, and playstyle.

The Best Item Build for AD Kayle

– Kraken Slayer: A crucial mythic item that improves attack speed and elemental attacks. Its passive deals bonus damage every third hit and grants a 10% attack speed bonus for each legendary item built.
– Ravenous Hydra: Enhances attack speed and AoE damage, perfect for Kayle’s playstyle.
– Runaan’s Hurricane: Increases attack speed, provides a critical strike chance, and improves AoE damage.
– Infinity Edge: Essential for crit builds, it boosts critical damage by 25% and significantly increases attack damage.
– Bloodthirster: Restores Kayle’s HP with each hit, making it a good alternative to the Hextech Gunblade. Also provides a bonus critical strike chance.
– Berserker’s Greaves: The ideal choice for an attack speed build.

The Best Runes for AD Kayle

Best Runes for AD Kayle

– Lethal Tempo: The go-to rune for attack speed builds, and it offers a bonus attack range.
– Triumph: Restores HP with each takedown, useful for tower diving and utilizing Kayle’s ultimate.
– Legend: Bloodline: With increased attack speed from items, lifesteal becomes the better choice over attack speed.
– Last Stand: Bonus damage when Kayle casts her ultimate at low HP.

– Taste of Blood: Helps Kayle sustain during early game trades and fights against melee champions.
– Ultimate Hunter: Reduces the cooldown of Kayle’s ultimate, allowing for more frequent use.

Full AD Kayle Playstyle Guide

Early Game Playstyle:
– Avoid fights as Kayle is a late-game champion. Focus on securing minions with Q and E from a safe distance, especially against champions with gap closers.

Mid Game Playstyle:
– Still avoid fights, but coordinate with teammates for tower dives and use your ultimate to protect them. Take advantage of 1v1 fights if the enemy isn’t too far ahead.

Late Game Playstyle:
– Become a destructive force in teamfights by freely attacking the enemy backline. Utilize the power of Lethal Tempo and increased attack speed to decimate the enemy team.

Final Thoughts

AD Kayle is an unconventional build that doesn’t scale well with her abilities, but it can be effective against enemies stacking magic resistance. Consider using this build in the top lane if faced with magic resist-heavy opponents.

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