Free Eternal Capsule given by Riot during summer League event, Series 2 debuts in 2021

Riot Games Gives Update on Eternals in League of Legends

Riot Games recently provided an update on the future of Eternals in their latest blog post for League of Legends. The second series of Eternals is set to release in January 2021, and fans can expect one new series per season. The post also mentioned that players will have more opportunities to earn Eternals and enjoy new features. Additionally, the introduction of Eternal Capsules will allow players to earn free rewards simply by playing the game.

Earning Eternals and New Features

Riot Games has made it clear that there will be various ways to earn Eternals and take advantage of new features. Players can complete missions during events, achieve a fourth tier Ranked Split Reward, or qualify for and receive a Victorious skin during a season to receive an Eternal Capsule. These capsules contain Set Shards for RP-only Eternals sets. Furthermore, the upcoming summer event will provide free Eternal Capsules as players progress through the mission chain.

Eternals and Season Rewards

For the 2020 season, Split Three will also offer an Eternal Capsule. In fact, every split going forward will provide one for players who earn 750 Split Points. Moreover, players who rank Gold or higher by the end of the season will receive a specific Eternals Set for the Victorious champion, along with their skin. This gives players an incentive to perform well and climb the ranked ladder.

New Features for Series Two

Series Two of Eternals will bring forth exciting additions, including a personal record for each Eternal and exclusive emotes. These features will enhance the experience and allow players to further showcase their achievements on the Rift.


Riot Games continues to improve and expand upon the Eternals feature in League of Legends. With the upcoming release of Series Two and the introduction of Eternal Capsules, players have more opportunities to earn rewards and showcase their accomplishments. Stay tuned for more updates on Eternals in the coming months.

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