Four hosts we’d love to see at The International 7

Top Personalities to Host The International 2017

Well-known esports production veteran Paul “Redeye” Chaloner will not be hosting The International 2017 after two consecutive years of hosting the event. Fans are now speculating who will take over as the host of the multi-million dollar tournament scheduled for August this year.

Alex “Machine” Richardson

Machine, primarily known for his work in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, already has experience hosting Dota 2 events. His performance as the host of the Boston Major in December 2016 showed his natural ability to work the desk and enable panelists to shine. The Dota community would love to see him on board again.

Sean “Day9” Plott

Day9 is a highly-tenured personality in esports, known for casting StarCraft tournaments and creating in-depth strategy tutorials. He has also shown his interest in Dota by doing the “Day9 Learns Dota” series. His charisma and excitement for the game make him a great fit for the panel at TI7.

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis, known for his work in CS:GO, has the ability to lead any esports desk. His chemistry with panel members from different communities was evident in the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V invitational, despite being new to the fighting game scene. However, contractual obligations with Turner may limit his availability for analysis work with other organizations.

James “2GD” Harding

Though controversial at times, 2GD is highly desired by the Dota community. With three International events under his belt and his efforts to salvage production hiccups at the Shanghai Major, 2GD’s off-color humor and sarcastic personality are both loved and appreciated by fans. It would be exciting to see him return as the host of TI7.

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