Former Warcraft 3 world champion reaches top rank in Dota 2 after 413 days

Grubby Reaches Immortal Rank in Dota 2, Defying Trench Myths

Just last month, Grubby achieved the Divine Four rank in Dota 2. Now, he has reached the highest rank possible in the game, Immortal.

The Warcraft 3 legend’s impressive journey from Herald to Immortal in just 413 days has given hope to the Dota 2 community, defying the belief that climbing the ranks is impossible.

In his last match before reaching Immortal, Grubby played a nailbiter that lasted 60 minutes and had over 80 kills. This intense match showcased his skills and made his achievement even more remarkable. Grubby’s background in Warcraft 3 helped him transition smoothly into Dota 2.

Grubby wasted no time in climbing the ranked ladder of Dota 2. He received valuable advice from professional players like N0tail, expanded his hero pool, and quickly learned to mute players to maintain focus during matches.

Throughout his journey to Immortal, Grubby played over 2,300 Dota 2 matches with meta heroes and a tilt-free attitude. These attributes significantly increased his effectiveness at every rank Grubby climbed.

With his calm demeanor and the guidance he received, Grubby transformed into an MMR-making machine and didn’t stop until he reached Immortal.

With Grubby’s incredible achievement, fans are curious to know if he will pursue the regional leaderboards in Dota 2. However, reaching the leaderboard requires even higher MMR, presenting a new and potentially more challenging road for Grubby. Nevertheless, even if he chooses not to, he has already accomplished a feat that many Dota 2 players once thought was impossible.

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