Fnatic unveils their 2022 League roster with Razork, Wunder, and Humanoid as fresh recruits

Fnatic Unveils 2022 League of Legends Roster in Anti-Climactic Announcement

Fnatic has finally revealed its 2022 League of Legends roster in a comical video. The lineup includes top laner Wunder, jungler Razork, AD carry Upset, and support Hylissang. Mid laner Humanoid will also be joining the team on January 1st. Two other additions are pending Riot approval.

The Tumultuous Journey of Fnatic

Fnatic went through a challenging year in 2021, especially after replacing Rekkles. The team’s performance in the LEC Spring Split was underwhelming, and they fell in the playoffs against Schalke 04. Seeking improvement, Fnatic moved their top laner Bwipo to the jungle and brought in rookie top laner Adam. The team had success in the summer, qualifying for Worlds but faced new challenges when ADC Upset had to miss the tournament due to a family matter.

New Faces in Fnatic

Fnatic is looking forward to the fresh talent joining the team. Razork, an up-and-coming jungler known for his skills, previously played for Misfits Gaming. Wunder, a veteran top laner from G2 Esports, is ready to prove himself after a disappointing year. Humanoid, a standout mid laner from MAD Lions, will join Upset and Hylissang to start anew in 2022.

Additional Updates

Nisqy will continue with Fnatic as a substitute, helping with content creation and streaming. The team’s Academy ADC Bean will return to the Superliga full time. Fans can witness the new roster in action when the 2022 LEC Spring Split begins on January 14th.

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