Fnatic stages an incredible comeback against Misfits Gaming in LEC Summer Split opener

Fnatic Secures Victory in First Day of LEC Summer Split

Fans of the LEC can breathe a sigh of relief as Fnatic emerges victorious in an intense 38-minute match against Misfits Gaming on the opening day of the 2020 LEC Summer Split.

Kobbe’s Debut with Misfits

Misfits entered the season with Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup as their new AD carry. After spending a split with TSM in North America, Kobbe joined Misfits, hoping to bring consistency to the team’s performance. Unfortunately, they were unable to secure a win against Fnatic in their first match.

Rekkles Leads Fnatic’s Comeback

In his first game with Fnatic, Kobbe performed exceptionally well, racking up eight kills and four assists, the highest in the game. However, it was Rekkles, Fnatic’s star ADC, who turned the tides and led the team to victory with his late-game skills and positioning.

Fnatic’s Steal and Victory

Thanks to the efforts of Rekkles and his teammates Selfmade and Bwipo, Fnatic was able to steal the Baron buff from Misfits. Just minutes later, they secured the Elder Dragon buff and secured the win. It was an exhilarating ending to the first day of the Summer Split.

Misfits’ Promising Early Game

Although Misfits couldn’t secure the victory, they showed great potential in their early game performance, overpowering Fnatic in teamfights and sieges. Unfortunately, a risky Baron call didn’t go in their favor.

Looking Ahead

Fnatic will work on rectifying their mistakes to ensure smoother victories in future matches. The LEC returns tomorrow (June 13) at 10am CT.

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