Fnatic shares fourth place in 2021 LEC Spring Split

Fnatic’s Victory Over SK Gaming Secures Fourth Place in LEC Spring Split

In a fast-paced match lasting only 26 minutes, Fnatic emerged victorious against SK Gaming in a thrilling League of Legends showdown. This win solidifies Fnatic’s uncontested fourth-place position on the 2021 LEC Spring Split leaderboard.

Fnatic strategically chose a composition that excelled in all stages of the game, while SK opted for a riskier composition focused on early snowballing. However, SK lost all three lanes, giving Fnatic an early advantage with a few swift kills. Upset, playing as Kai’Sa, was named the MVP for his exceptional performance in annihilating the opposition.

Fnatic took control of the game right from the start with aggressive plays across the map. SK found themselves pushed back to their towers, losing valuable experience and gold from creeps. Although SK secured a few early-game kills, Fnatic turned the tides with a spectacular teamfight at the 13-minute mark. They effortlessly defeated their opponents and funneled most of the kill gold to Upset.

Upset showcased his prowess on Kai’Sa in the subsequent teamfights, with Hylissang providing excellent protection. Despite SK’s late-game composition falling short on scaling, Fnatic emerged triumphant, overpowering SK’s defenses and securing the victory.

Following a successful 2-0 weekend, Fnatic appears well-prepared for their upcoming three matches next week. While Misfits Gaming and Schalke 04 may not pose significant challenges, Rogue, known for their dominant Spring Split performance, could potentially jeopardize Fnatic’s winning streak. Stay tuned next week to see if Fnatic can maintain their form and secure a spot in the playoffs.

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