Fnatic and VGJ advance to decider matches at the SLi Invitational

**StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Playoffs Set**

The playoffs for the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational have been determined.

**Fnatic and Vici Gaming J Thunder Secure Playoffs Spots**

Yesterday, Fnatic and Vici Gaming J Thunder, teams from outside the tournament’s hometown, defeated FlyToMoon and Natus Vincere to secure the final two spots in the playoff bracket.

**VGJ Sweeps FlyToMoon**

Gaming J Thunder swept FlyToMoon in two games, obtaining strong picks such as Dark Willow, Tiny, and Dragon Knight. Despite a difficult first map, VGJ turned the tide in their favor and secured the win.

**Fnatic Rematch Against Na’Vi**

In another group, Fnatic played a rematch against Na’Vi, with the tournament survival and Dota 2 Pro Circuit points on the line. After a victory in the first game, Na’Vi struck back in the second game with impeccable aggression and ganking. However, Fnatic rallied back in the third game and capitalized on their opponents’ mistakes to secure the win.

**Key Points:**

– VGJ and Fnatic secure playoffs spots
– VGJ sweeps FlyToMoon in two games
– Fnatic wins rematch against Na’Vi

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