FlyQuest unveils their LCS roster for 2022

FlyQuest Announces New Roster for 2022 LCS Season

FlyQuest has revealed its new lineup for the upcoming 2022 season of League of Legends. With some notable changes, the team is poised to bring better results after finishing in the bottom three during the 2021 Spring and Summer Splits.

The team features top laner Kumo, jungler Josedeodo, mid laner Toucouille, AD carry Johnsun, and veteran support aphromoo. This diverse roster aims to make a strong impact in the upcoming season.

Aphromoo Brings Leadership to FlyQuest

Aphromoo, an experienced player and the oldest active player in the league at 29, will serve as a leader for FlyQuest. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he will boost the confidence of his younger teammates and help them perform at their best. Joining him is his former bottom lane partner, Johnsun, whom he previously played with on Team Dignitas.

Toucouille’s Debut as an Import

Toucouille, a fresh face in the competitive scene, will make his debut in North America as an import player for FlyQuest. He is the youngest player on the starting lineup and has limited experience at the highest level. It will be a challenging task for him to compete against well-established mid laners in the region.

This revamped FlyQuest roster will make its debut in January when the LCS action resumes.

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