FlyQuest channeled their inner xPeke to achieve victory over TSM

TSM Suffers Another Loss Against FlyQuest in LCS

TSM’s difficult year continues with a defeat against FlyQuest, who have been performing well and climbing the standings in recent weeks. This loss marks another disappointing two-loss week for the former LCS champions.

Similar to FlyQuest’s thrilling base race victory over 100 Thieves last week, today’s game was also decided by a base race. However, this one felt more like a backdoor. In the absence of Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez, known for his backdoor plays, someone else had to step up, and it was FlyQuest this time.

Although the ending of the game may have seemed comical, FlyQuest executed their strategy perfectly. Once they realized that Ashe and Kennen could push and end the game quickly, they trapped TSM around the mid lane. Despite being in the lead, FlyQuest didn’t necessarily need this strategy to win, but it worked out well for them.

FlyQuest maintained their lead throughout the entire game, with the largest gold lead being only 3,400 gold. This is a concerning sign for TSM. FlyQuest did make a few mistakes, giving kills to TSM due to poor positioning around the river and subsequent teamfights. Although TSM had moments where it seemed like they could recover, they ultimately couldn’t pull it off, which has been the case for them this year.

Once hailed as the undisputed kings of the NA LCS, TSM’s struggles in the newly-franchised league are a major concern. On the other hand, FlyQuest has shown significant improvement compared to the spring split and their performance in 2017.

FlyQuest’s Upcoming Match Against OpTic Gaming

FlyQuest’s next game is scheduled against OpTic Gaming on Saturday, August 4, at 7pm CT.

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